Smita Yadav
Principal Investigator


  • Dr. Amy Ferreccio, Postdoctoral Fellow 2018-2011, Currently Senior Scientist, Astellas Pharma, Seattle WA
  • Bailey Werner, Lab Manager and Research Assistant 2021-2022, Currently Research Fellow, US FDA, Washington DC
  • Dr. Kimya Nourbakhsh, Graduate Student 2018-2021, Currently Research Scientist Amgen, CA
  • Sofia Laden, Undergradaute Student 2020-2022, working towards medical school
  • Reilly Falter, Lab Manager and Research Assistant 2019-2021, Currently Graduate Student, University of Utah
  • Victoria Peng, Undergradaute Student 2021-2022,
  • Turner Glenn, Undergraduate Student 2019-2021, working towards medical school
  • Gavin Hooper, Undergradaute Student 2020-2021,
  • Daniel Guion, Undergraduate Student 2019-2020,
  • Sam Marcotte, Undergradauate Student 2019-2020,
  • Matthew Bernard, Lab Manager and Research Assistant, 2018-2019, Currently Graduate Student, University of California Los Angeles

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